The Club PAs

Life is never simple – arrangements change, documents need printing, taxis need booking and meetings overrun. The Club PAs are there to help, and to give members the kind of support, while they are in the Club, that they would expect from their own PA – and it is the services provided by the PAs that makes us unique.

Organise food and drink for members and their guests.

Look after your guests in reception.

Handle messages and change appointments.

Book restaurants and organise taxis and couriers.

Print important documents – and make sure that the document you ordered at 10 is ready for your meeting at 11.

Provide stationery, supply stamps and envelopes, and post urgent documents – all on account.

Organise the loan of a club laptop or a large screen for the day.

Provide phone chargers and even spare reading glasses if you forget yours!

Deal with simple IT problems, and, if they can’t solve them, bring in a specialist who can – at special club rates.